Corner Protection For Doors


Door manufacturers need corner protection for doors that protects their products from scratches, dents, chips, knocks and transit damage.

The manufacture process needs to incorporate damage resistant foam edge components, and full enclosed film encapsulation. This solution proves to be cost effective, fast and make handling of the doors swift and safe from damage.

Upac have developed a system of corner protection for doors that reduces damage, improves customer quality perception and also ensured recyclability of all materials.

Foam corner protectors prevent these sensitive door areas being damaged during transit. Manufacturers can easily prevent common forms of damage by using DURAFOAM CORNER GUARDS. Foam corner protectors also cushion sharp corners, protecting other items or areas from damage whilst the doors are being transported. They can be used under shrink film and stretch film to prevent film puncture.

Foam edge protection protects the longer lengths of doors and can be easily trimmed to size to suit any size. DURAFOAM EDGEGRIP is a reliable and flexible foam edge protection solution. Application a breeze without the need for packaging tape or masking tape, minimising the risk of residue being left on the doors.

The surfaces of doors can be protected by DURAPLAS high impact shrink pack film. The plastic film to protects the doors against dust, superficial scratches and water. Shrink film wraps smoothly over the DURAFOAM CORNER GUARDS and DURAFOAM EDGEGRIP. Stretch film also secures doors pallets ensuring load security and stability in transit. The high puncture resistance makes it the perfect choice for protecting a variety of doors.

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