Corner Protection For Furniture Protection


Furniture manufacturers need corner protection for tables, chairs and other items of furniture that protects their products from scratches, dents, chips, knocks and transit damage.

The manufacture process needs to incorporate damage resistant foam edge components, that also makes handling of the furniture quick and safe from damage. Upac have developed a system of corner protection for furniture that reduces damage, improves customer quality perception and also ensured recyclability of all materials. Plastic corner protectors such as the Upac 3D Corner Protector suit all types of furniture and materials including wood, metal and glass.

Plastic corner protectors prevent these sensitive furniture areas (such as the corners of wooden tables) being damaged during transit. Corner protectors also act to cushion sharp corners, protecting other items or areas from damage whilst the furniture is being transported. They can be used under shrink film and stretch film to prevent film puncture.

The Upac Expandable Corner Protector range are a premium protection piece that extend from 20-40mm in size. Made from Recycled and 100% recyclable PP/PE, the Inner surface of these Upac Bridge Corner pieces are a smooth non scratch surface, the outer edges of this corner guard are ribbed and side boarded to ensure your finished product does not touch the ground, always suspend at least 4mm from the ground or another object. Expandable Corner Protectors are recommended for glass, framed art and other items of furniture requiring adjustable protection.

The Upac Bridge Corner Protector range are available in a variety of thicknesses to suit most furniture corners. UPAC Ramp Corner Protectors are also available in both 34mm and 40mm sizes.

The cost of remakes for furniture is high. Even higher for bespoke or hand crafted furniture. The costs of accidental damage to corners can really add up. Between the costs of remakes and replacements, interruptions to your production schedule and damage to your reputation – these costs are too high for any business.

Plastic corner protectors provide a quick, easy and cost effective solution to protect furniture corners. For a few cents per corner – it’s insurance against damage.

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