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Custom printed tape makes it easy to brand boxes. You can promote your business, brand or add a special handling message with custom packaging tape. Printing your logo on custom packaging tape will help strengthen your brand and increase awareness. Not only is it great for brand exposure, but it also helps improve deliverability. Your box will be instantly identifiable – and held together securely during transport.

Custom printed tapes makes branded cardboard boxes affordable for all businesses. Many businesses can’t afford custom printed boxes, as the major packaging companies have large minimum order quantities or contracts. But you can easily brand cardboard boxes with printed tape – a more economical option than branded boxes. You also get the flexibility of smaller run sizes, and you can use the tape on any box. Custom printed tapes also makes your packaging look attractive and professional.

For as little as a few cents per box, you can get quality printed packaging tape that looks great and performs. Custom packaging tape is the most cost effective way of branding cardboard boxes without spending thousands on packaging.

Custom Printed Tape is not only used to brand your boxes, or to provide special handling instructions, but it can be used for:

  1. Logo and brand awareness
  2. Handling labels
  3. Labelling cautionary messages
  4. Package contents identification
  5. Promotional messages
  6. Temperature and storage requirements

Custom printed tapes are available with a range of adhesives and widths. You can choose from full colour or black and white prints, on a wide range of tape colours and materials.

  • From 1 to 4 colours
  • White, Clear, or coloured tape options
  • Low MOQ from one carton to multiple pallets
  • Option of standard PP or PVC tape
  • Standard widths of 24, 36, 48, 75, 100, 150 or 200mm
  • Custom tape widths available

Whether you are a start-up, home based business, or large multinational – custom packaging tapes offer flexible branding solutions. You can brand any size box, on demand, for a fraction of the cost of printed boxes.

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