Duraplas: From Packaging to Pavement


You may soon find yourself driving over tonnes of recycled Duraplas bags and recycled glass thanks to a trial between Downer, Hume City Council, Close the Loop and RED Group. This innovative trial will look to expand the options for recycled plastic bags and other plastics to include asphalt.

The Duraplas range of plastic bags includes a number of low density polyethylene (LDPE) and polypropylene (PP) bags which are all fully recyclable through the REDcycle Program. Consumers can simply drop off their bags at their nearest supermarket and the programs take care of the rest. Not only are Duraplas bags 100% recyclable – but they also help the environment by reducing food waste. This added benefit goes a long way to addressing food security and the environmental impact of wasted food.

Over 250 tonnes of specially created asphalt made from recycled materials will be used for a road project in Craigieburn, Victoria. The trial could lead to the successful introduction of yet another use for the tonnes of recycled LDPE and PP saved from landfill every year.

This trial shows that recycled Duraplas plastic bags could replace typical aggregates, which require mining of a natural resource. The ability for a recycled product to be diverted from landfill and replace a mined product is a fantastic use of resources.

Traditionally, the recycled Duraplas bags would be processed by Victorian company, Replas. The material is then used to manufacture a range of outdoor products including fitness circuits, outdoor furniture such as park benches, bollards, recycled plastic bags, bottles, and signage.

The expansion of the recycling programs into roads is yet another example of finding new ways to recycle and repurpose waste into even more socially beneficially outputs.

Growers, bakers, restaurants and food manufacturers can choose from a range of food safe, high quality, customisable Duraplas bags with the knowledge that they are 100% recyclable. With Duraplas, there is no need to choose between product freshness for a recyclable packaging. Duraplas bags delivers maximum freshness without compromise. And that’s great news for everyone.

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