Scenic World Katoomba

Custom Heavy Grade Bubble Bag


In the heart of one of Australia’s natural wonders, the World Heritage listed Blue Mountains, there is a buzz of activity…Scenic World, a world of adventure and discovery, is home to the world’s steepest passenger railway, Australia’s highest cable car and the steepest and largest cable car in the Southern Hemisphere attracting thousands of tourists annually.

Inside Scenic World’s souvenir shop, you can purchase Malfroy’s Honey which is kept in glass jars. This liquid gold is secured with a golden lid and is known to be the most mouth-watering honey around.


After many versions of bubble packaging for Malfroy’s PURE GOLD Honey, Upac developed a side opening, easy loading, high slip inner pouch that dramatically reduced packaging time, reduced wastage, and improved consumer quality perception. Taking a basic bubble bag to a custom pouch with these features and the benefits of reduced costs, time and breakages has made a token of Australian inheritance a treat and a pleasure to pack


Custom specified and sized 103H heavy grade bubble with high slip inner, and permeant adhesive tape flap

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