What are the different types of tapes?


Upac offers a range of tapes designed to suit a wide range of specialist applications. In order to ensure your cartons remain tightly sealed, it’s important to select the right adhesive tape for the job. Factors to consider include the material of the carton being sealed, the ambient temperature, and the level of bond required. Those factors determine whether rubber or water based acrylic adhesive is right for you. Once you understand your adhesive requirements, you can select from either polypropylene or recycled paper tapes (where available).

  • Rubber adhesive is commonly used as it is suitable for both virgin and recycled cardboard cartons as it offers the highest bond strength. Rubber adhesives are recommended for use in room temperature environments only. For recycled cardboard cartons, select a reputable brand such as TEXUS which has additional adhesive for improved bond strength.
  • Water based acrylic is an economical choice of adhesive suitable for most cartons, foam and most plastics. These tapes are designed to maintain their bond over longer periods of time, in colder environments and can be used in freezer rooms.


  • E-Tape Gold and TEXUS use rubber adhesive which offers a superior bond at room temperature. It’s a tough tape that resists stretching. You can expect the rubber adhesive to offer a firm bond from shipment to delivery. If you’ve ever had trouble with tapes sticking to recycled cardboard cartons, this is the solution for you. We don’t suggest using rubber based adhesive tapes in long term storage and outdoor applications
  • Tapes such as DENVA and E-tape Plus use water based acrylic and are suitable for use as general purpose tapes. DENVA tape is an economical choice for general packaging applications. To ensure you get the best of both worlds, DENVA features up to 20 grams of adhesive per sqm for a secure bond. The additional adhesive bond strength makes DENVA tape suitable for both virgin cardboard cartons and plastics. Water based acrylic adhesive tapes are recommended for use in hot or colder ambient temperatures. If your packaging refrigerated medical supplies or preprepared meals in a freezer room for example, this would be the right tape for you. DENVA tape is also suitable for room temperature environments and most packaging applications. Most clients choose DENVA tapes, as they are the economical choice for sealing typical cartons and boxes.


Most tapes are made from 30 micron Polypropylene but there are new options available. You can select the colour, speciality printing and even choose recycled paper tape. You may choose to create a tape for branding of plain boxes, or perhaps as a tamper evident seal. Ask us about custom branding and widths to suit your application.

E-Tape Fibre is a 100% paper back adhesive packaging tape that is fully compostable, is ideal on most carton applications and is very flexible and conformable to edge taping and round edge packages.

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