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COLDPACK Airliner Thermal Packaging


Coldpack Airliner Thermal Insulated Packaging ensures temperature sensitive product is maintained at optimum temperature whilst in transit. With a patented inner baffle lining that inhibits radiation, convection and conduction, your product is protected from temperature change and impact for up to 24 hours.

Coldpack Airliners will maintain temperatures from -7C to 37C allowing the shipping of frozen foods, pharmaceuticals, meat, seafood, handmade chocolates or biological materials with standard freight carriers rather than refrigerated transport.

Coldpack Airliners are outstanding in efficiency. The outer carton and inner baffled lining are erected and inflated on demand saving at least 30% of costs on inbound freight and 96% saving of storage space (when compared to polystyrene foam boxes of the same capacity)

Coldpack airliners have been tested and used for over ten years in the harsh Australian climate and remain exclusive to UPAC.


QTY SKU Description
101100 COLDPACK AIRLINER 2 BAFFLE 2.8L Satchel #501 (21-501) 150/ctn
467300 400 X 500 + 70mm Tape Flap SILVER METALLIC Thermal Bubble Bag - COLDPACK Summer Thermal Outer
877200 430 X 210 +120mm FLAP AND TAPE Thermal Bubble Bag - COLDPACK Winter Inner Liner 203H (Foil)
463800 470 x 260mm Thermal Bubble Bag -White - COLDPACK Winter Outer Bag
249030 460 x 320 x 160mm RSC CARTON To Suit 2 x 501 COLDPACK AIRLINERS
102000 COLDPACK AIRLINER 4 BAFFLE Inner liner 13L 413 x 267 x 29mm ( 44-002) 90/ctn
249003 430 x 270 x 295mm RSC CARTON To Suit 13L COLDPACK AIRLINER 44-002
101600 COLDPACK AIRLINER 2 BAFFLE Inner Liner 34L 558 x 381 x 254mm (21-001) 80/ctn
249004 560 x 400 x 320mm RSC CARTON To Suit 34L COLDPACK AIRLINER 21-001
105000 JAW ICE PACK for use with COLDPACK AIRLINER system

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