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EnviroTherm Thermal Insulation Packaging, Thermal Liner Bags and Pre-Filled Gel Ice Packs


EnviroTherm is a reflective film which is 100% recyclable and is suitable for disposal at over 1800 supermarket bins Australia wide for recycling and repurposing. The result is an innovative product with several key environmental benefits over standard thermal liners. EnviroTherm Liners, Gel packs and cartons make starting online simple. With over 8 sizes stocked for convenient but professional start ups, Upac has your produce, meats and meal pack logistics covered. With over 13 years experiment in thermal packaging since the Introduction of Coldpack Airliners to Australia in 2007, the team at Upac are specialists at helping resolve temperature sensitive logistics for the Food and Pharmaceutical Industry.

Envirotherm is one of our best and most unique STOCKED solution for foods, fresh produce, meats and dairy being packed in with ambient term products.

QTY SKU Description
105201 PROCHILL Gel Ice Pack Bubble Backed 1000G 12pcs/Ctn
877302 THERMAL CARTON LINER 750 MOQ 150/Roll
105000 JAW ICE PACK The only Flat Pack Gel Pack, Just Add Water
258180 Home Delivery Meal Kit Carton Lge 440x310x245mm
875906 THERMAL BUBBLEWRAP 203METPOLY 750mm x100m Roll
105102 PROCHILL Gel Ice Pack Bubble Backed 500G 20pcs/Ctn
877301 THERMAL CARTON LINER 650 MOQ 150/Roll
105100 PROCHILL Gel Ice Pack 500G 28pcs/Ctn
105200 PROCHILL Gel Ice Pack 1000G 14pcs/Ctn
875905 Thermal Foil Wrap 750mm X 50M Roll
467300 400 X 500 + 70mm Tape Flap SILVER METALLIC Thermal Bubble Bag - COLDPACK Summer Thermal Outer

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Sancell recycles all EnviroTherm production waste in-house allowing us to add a minimum 20% recycle into all EnviroTherm products. • Widely accepted by post industrial recycling schemes. • EnviroTherm is produced in compliance with ISO 14001 management systems assuring our customer of our commitment to continuous improvement.

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