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Foam Wrap


Foam Wrap with it soft and lightweight surface ensures ultimate protection of delicate, polished or painted surfaces.It also provides cushioning for layering between sheets of material to prevention product slipping or breaking. Foam wrap is waterproof , non abrasive and is available in a variety of different thicknesses.

QTY SKU Description
884600 1mm x 1200mm x 100M Roll FOAM WRAP - White
884650 1mm X 1500mm X 300M Roll FOAM WRAP
884102 2mm X 1200mm X 100M Roll FOAM WRAP -White
884400 1mm X 1200mm X 500M JUMBO Roll FOAM WRAP
884201 2mm x 1200mm x 250M Roll FOAM WRAP
884210 2mm x 1500mm X 250M Roll FOAM WRAP
884300 4mm X 1200MM X 100M Roll FOAM WRAP
884310 6mm X 1200mm X 70M Roll FOAM WRAP

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