UPAC Duraplas


The DURAPLAS Furniture bags are ideally suited to Removalist packaging and transport, as well as furniture manufacture and recovering.


Upac have researched and developed the most extensive range of DURAPLAS individually folded and packed commercial grade furniture bags. All materials are of virgin nature having ultimate strength, quality seals and identification of sizes, flat packed for quicker job preparation and supplied in boxes for ergonomic and safe handling.

QTY SKU Description
174500 QUEEN MATTRESS BAG 1600+300 x 2500mm 50um. Individually pkd. 25 bags/Ctn
175301 KING MATTRESS BAG 1880+300 x 2550mm 75um. Individually pkd. 25 bags/Ctn
174900 3 SEATER LOUNGE BAG 1000+800 x 3000mm 50um. Individually pkd. 25 Bags/Ctn
174600 KING MATTRESS BAG 1880+300 x 2550mm 50UM. Individually pkd. 25 Bags/CTN
175502 SINGLE LOUNGE BAG Heavy Duty 1000+800 x 2000mm 75um. Individually pkd. 25 bags/Ctn
175001 SINGLE MATTRESS BAG Heavy Duty 1250+250 x 2550mm 75um. Individually Pkd. 25 Bags/Ctn
174700 DINING CHAIR BAG 600+400 x 1300mm 50um. 2 bags/Pk. 100 Bags/Ctn
174400 SINGLE MATTRESS BAG 1250+250 x 2550mm 50um. Individually pkd. 40 bags/Ctn
175607 3 SEATER LOUNGE BAG Heavy Duty 1000+800 x 3000mm 75um. Individually pkd. 25 Bags/Ctn
175201 QUEEN MATTRESS BAG Heavy Duty 1600+300 x 2500mm 75um. Individually pkd. 25 Bags/CTN
174800 SINGLE LOUNGE BAG 1000+800 x 2000mm 50UM. Individually pkd. 25 bags/CTN

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