UPAC Industries

Agriculture & Mining

Upac understand the challenges of miners and primary producers operating in some of the harshest environments in Australia, you need a bag that is tough. You need a bag that’s customisable to suit the size and type of product you need to store or protect. For agriculture, you may be interested in biodegradable bags or tubular planting bags.

Upac offers the widest range of off the shelf and also fully custom DURAPLAS bags and other solutions. We can also advise on the use of polytubing which offers a flexible way to protect large, bulky and hard to wrap products. Polytubing is especially suited to wrapping pipes and long, cylindrical objects.

Ask us about bags suitable for the storage of mining and geological samples and also for the protection of plans. White areas for writing or even digitally printed sequential numbering is possible. We can recommend the right density and also plastic type, including UV stabilisation. If your business is coal or mineral exploration, Upac has you covered.

From the smallest nuts and bolts to the largest pumpkin – Upac can provide the expertise to select the right bag, seal, thickness, and customisation to suit your needs.

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