UPAC Industries


Packaging and Shipping Products

Upac offers a range of products to suit all ecommerce businesses – including custom print satchels, insulated bags, bubble wrap, foam wrap, LDPE bags, self seal bags, edge/corner protection, cardboard boxes and custom printed packaging tapes. We partner with clients to help ensure their products make it safety to the customer. Our range protects against dust, damage, breakages and can even offer temperature control to reduce spoilage. This reduces the amount of returns, refunds and damaged in transit claims your ecommerce business may receive.

There’s a wide range of plastic bags on the market to suit endless applications, and the right bag can make or break your product. You need a bag that’s made from the right plastic, with a quality print, at the right size, and with the right customisation. 

Upac offers a range of customisation options to ensure that you get the right bag for your needs. For example, each bag can be customised with your choice of plastic material type, micron thickness, seal type, coloured tint, gussets, wicketed, print and branding, and can also be vented or non-vented to suit your application.

We also understand the needs of start ups who may prefer smaller runs, but still value branding. Printing your logo on custom packaging tape will help strengthen your brand and increase awareness. Not only is it great for brand exposure, but it also helps improve deliverability. Your box will be instantly identifiable – and held together securely during transport. Using custom printed tapes makes branded cardboard boxes affordable for all businesses. Many businesses can’t afford custom printed boxes, as the major packaging companies have large minimum order quantities or contracts. But you can easily brand cardboard boxes with printed tape – a more economical option than branded boxes.

Did you know that a custom bag can even be more cost-effective than an off the shelf solution? Let us explain how we help our clients and make this possible!