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Custom made and high quality furniture and whitegoods aren’t easily replaced. When transporting these items, they’re worth protecting with a few easy to use packaging solutions from Upac.

The primary concern is dents and scratches during transport. The cost of damaged in transit claims can really add up. Between the costs of remakes and replacements, interruptions to your production schedule and damage to your reputation – these costs easily add up.

We offer economical, innovative, customisable solutions to suit any product. There are unique solutions for every problem, from protecting sensitive surfaces, to cushioning edges, and protecting against damage caused by strapping/ropes. They can also be used to buffer the vibrations and impacts of transport.

Here are a few simple tips you can use right now to reduce the chances of transit damage, and avoid costly remakes:

Quilted Blankets:
Quilted blankets are an economical, environmentally friendly, and reusable surface protector that can be used whilst in transit to offering high level protection against dents and scratches. Quilted furniture blankets are made to last in even extreme conditions for use by professional furniture removalists.

Where an item needs to be held in place to avoid damage, or is a long or odd shape – polytube is ideal. Polytube is also suitable for use with an Impulse Heat Sealer for custom made bags on demand.

Corner Protectors:
Ever had the corner of a table chip? Maybe the corner of a stainless steel fridge has dented a wall whilst being moved into position? You can easily prevent these accidents with corner protectors. Corner protectors are available in foam or plastic. They can be used under shrink film and stretch film to prevent film puncture.

Edge Guards:
Edge guards protect the longer lengths of tables and whitegoods from dents and scratches and can be easily trimmed to size to suit any product. Edge guards are available in foam or plastic and are a reliable and flexible foam edge protection solution. The provide superior protection against edge damage to product while in manufacture and transit.

Cardboard Profile:
Painted products and items like picture frames require special care to avoid chips and scratches. Cardboard profile can be trimmed to size to fit the length of painted or sensitive products. Made from 3mm heavy duty compressed cardboard for extra strength and rigidity while maintaining lightweight and ease of product handling.

Cardboard Angle:
Cardboard angle is designed to protect product edges, provide rigid support for lengths of material, and protect goods from strapping damage while in storage and transit. Increases rigidity and protection for corners and edges of palletised products.

Surface Protection:
It’s important to protect the surface of your products, from stainless steel appliances to French polished furniture, surfaces require special attention. Surface protection starts with plastic film to protect against dust, superficial scratches and water. Foam wrap and bubble wrap can be used to add an extra layer of impact protection. 

Protect yourself and the products you transport. Ask Upac for a free sample and an assessment so that you can see the benefits for yourself. Let us help get your product to your customer in perfect condition. From just a few cents per product, you can prevent thousands of dollars in damage.

Furniture Bags and Covers:
All materials are of virgin nature having ultimate strength, quality seals and identification of sizes, flat packed and supplied in boxes for ergonomic and safe handling.


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