UPAC Ramp Corner Protectors

The Upac Ramp Corner Protector range are a premium protection piece for damage prone corners or finished panel, bench top and package corners in a huge range of sizes.


These Upac Ramp Corners very conveniently snip open to protect corners from 90-150 Degrees. Made from Recycled and 100% recyclable PE, the Inner surface of these Upac Bridge Corner pieces are a smooth non scratch surface, the outer edges of this corner guard are ribbed and side boarded to ensure your finished product does not touch the ground, always suspend at least 4mm from the ground or another object.

UPAC Ramp Corner Protectors are an outstanding and reliable foam edge protection for:

  • Benchtops
  • Cabinet Manufacturers
  • Glass Products such as Shower Screens
  • Timber Door and Furniture Manufacturers
  • Picture Frames
  • Art