Adhesive Tapes

Upac offers a wide range of speciality adhesive Tapes and dispensers to suit a wide variety of applications. Customisation and branding options available.


Denva is a premium grade, acrylic PP packaging tape. The extra strong adhesive lasts for years without yellowing or drying up. Denva is the perfect solution for long term storage, outdoor storage and exposure to sunlight.

  • Size: 36/48mm x 75m, 48mm x 1000m
  • Colours: Clear

Texus is an aggressive rubber based adhesive PP packaging tape. More commonly chosen for use on used or recycled cardboard cartons, and for sealing dusty cartons. Texus has strong initial grab and adhesion

  • Size: 36/48mm x 75m, 48mm x 990m
  • Colours: Clear/Brown

E-Tape Gold is our premium rubber based 150m E-tape. A premium system with ultimate adhesion, less wastage, efficiency gains and utilises the ergonomic E-tape dispenser

  • Size: 48mm x 150m
  • Colours: Clear/Brown

E-Tape Plus is our environmentally friendly, water based acrylic PP 150m E-Tape. Facilitating natural water based adhesives on virgin PP for the ultimate in long term adhesion. E-Tape Plus also utilises the ergonomic E-tape dispenser

  • Size: 48mm x 150m
  • Colours: Clear

E-Tape Fibre is our newest and most popular paper E-Tape, and it’s 100% biodegradable. Great adhesion, conformability to all cartonsx’s and shapes, edge folding and flexibility. Will give a superior look to branded product and a tamper evident close to parcels.

  • Size: 48mm x 100m
  • Colours: Kraft Brown
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