POLARWRAP V Series, Vented Machine Film

POLARWRAP Vented is the perfect choice for beverages, milk, Baked foods for export, fresh produce, plants, frozen goods, refrigerated goods, and as a reduced plastic alternative to traditional wraps.


Used in temperature transitioning circumstances like frozen meats and vegetables in freezer containers or to allow breathing of pallets, reducing condensation by allowing air circulation. Brewed beverages, or fresh bake… Eliminate condensation and wet boxes, by venting wrapped pallets and maintaining ideal load security.

POLARWRAP V series vented films have been tested and approved for seamless operation on Power Pre-Stretch wrapping machines and inline robotic Pallet Wrappers. POLARWRAP V23 can withstand up to 250% Pre-stretch under automated and high speed circumstances, for the greatest efficiency, yield and ventilation.


$256.00 +GST


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