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The Duraplas commercial bin liner bags are an effective design and correct dust extraction technology is critical to achieving ongoing high performance, ongoing low maintenance costs and safety for workshop and joinery operators and employees


Upac have researched and developed the most extensive range of DURAPLAS dust extraction bags, relieving your team and visitors of the harmful MDF and particle board dust membranes that would have previously entered the air around your workplace. Containing dust, adhesives, stone and other dangerous fine particles from human inhalation is critical in your business, the contracted waste collectors and waste handling organisations.

These Heavy duty Dust Extractor bags can also be used for food waste, recycling and for reducing odours and contamination in public bins. A complete range of Garbage bags can be provided for the handling of waste in all applications.

QTY SKU Description
168600 1000 X 1500mm 100um Clear DURAPLAS LDPE POLY BAG 50/CTN
416403 1220 X 1220 X 2100mm 50um DURAPLAS PALLET BAGS 75/Roll
416307 WASTE / DUST BIN LINER BLACK 1.5M│ 1850 + 950 x 2100mm 80um. 20 Bags/Ctn
167100 800 X 1000mm 80um Clear DURAPLAS LDPE POLY BAG 100/CTN
416502 1220 X 1220 X 2500mm 100um DURAPLAS PALLET BAGS 40/Roll
416308 WASTE / DUST BIN LINER - BLACK 3M│ 1880+1480 x 3000mm 80um. 15 Bags/Ctn
168400 1000 X 1500mm 75um Clear DURAPLAS LDPE POLY BAG 50/CTN
168620 660Lt Front Lift Bin Liner | Duraplas 1085mm + 720mm X 1845mm 33um Clear LDPE
416310 WASTE / DUST BIN LINER BAG - BLACK 4.5M│ 1850+1750 x 3600mm 90um. 10 Bags/Ctn

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