By respecting and listening to our customers needs we are able to provide customised packaging solutions that save money, reduce remakes and increase your profit margins. And who wouldn’t want a combination like that?! With the product knowledge and experience that comes from being in the packaging industry for over 30 yrs Upac’s commital to solution providing excellence has positioned us as the market leader we are today.


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UPAC is committed to finding the perfect packaging solution to prevent damage to manufactured finished hardgoods in transit.





...Most importantly, UPAC provides us with quality. Their products always work consistently and as they are meant to. With over 60 years of experience in the industry Ace Gutters ensures our customers the highest quality service.



UPAC is unique — even if they don’t have the product in stock, they’re happy to do the R&D and get the product right. They’ll work at it like a dog with a bone until they’ve found the solution.

Bill Dibley

Architectural Designer Products (ADP)

UPAC are great and the service is excellent; they always help with special requests, resolve issues as they arise, and successfully ship our customised packaging requirements.

Jan van Poortvliet

Co-Founder of Chocogram

Onsite product application analysis

Our customers and their product mean a lot to us at Upac. Coming on-site and analysing the client’s facility, product and systems helps both of us discuss the reality of packaging the product correctly and the importance and fragility of certain components.

We at Upac have the resources to take this time seriously and with passion. Were always open to discuss your product or situation, we understand that ongoing damages or transit fails require attention, and now is a good time to start an enquiry.

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Packaging solution advisory

The outcomes and how we care for your product is where we start, so we spend time upfront making good enquiry, suggestions, and team brainstorming to deliver an array of ideas that are not just the most practical, but also that fit your budget or expectations

Onsite discussion, then back at our office, we will be working for you designing a system or solution that we don’t just design, but also meets all shareholders interests and that we can deliver. We conceptualise, design, AND supply what works.

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Specialized product design

Upac has in-house design functionality, but we also outsource where structural or engineered packages are outside our legitimate capability.

Leave it to us, we are delivering the complete package for your consideration, Ideas, design, materials used, equipment required, and costings..

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Visual concept drawings of proposed solutions

Often an idea can be quit caught up in someone’s mind, and needs visual presentation for all shareholders to capture the concepts. At Upac we take this seriously and can deliver specified and 3D renders of what the packaging solution could include and how it will act.

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Your satisfaction is paramount. You know it looks interesting on paper, but now it’s time for us to show you how it could work, first hand. Prototypes will be produced from stock and uniquely sources components and materials and produced at Upac, then presented for consideration and a reality fit, alongside your item or product. Often at this stage, changes and improvements will be made, seeing and touching first hand is the test, and we believe you need to be confident in your specialised packaging end result before production is started.

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Solution testing and reporting

Before and after Prototyping samples are tested for their strength and performance. The protection of your manufactured product is our goal, we take testing seriously with video and imagery of how the packaging performed and what worked well.

At Upac, we believe physical testing in real life conditions is the most valid and we want you to be sure what we have designed and suggested is going to work. In most cases we will care for this at our facility, but product size, weights and circumstances may determine if this is done offsite or at your premises.

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Product trialling

Now your totally intrigued and keen to get your product to market, having completed testing and are satisfied we have the right solution, we will arrange sample of trial batches of the required materials, made to order or packaged from stock components, and your set for initial commercial trialling.

Upac will assist in the supply of very small-run trial materials up to large commercial competitively priced batches and continue to grow with evolving manufactures to source solutions and improvements.

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Ongoing product development

Upac are committed to ongoing improvement and supply of packaging systems that work and are effective.

From team workshops, to redesign, we back our product and clients from the start and beyond. Importantly, we believe manufacturing is Australia is crucial to the Nation and your livelihood, why delay in having killer packaging that promotes quality and protects your product or solution. Call Upac now for an onsite product analysis or for a review of current systems. 1300 766 90

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