UPAC Industries

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Upac offers a range of products to suit all ecommerce businesses – including custom print satchels, insulated bags, bubble wrap,

Furniture & Removals

Custom made and high quality furniture and whitegoods aren’t easily replaced.

Demolition & Waste

Duraplas commercial bin liner bags provide effective control for dust, food or medical waste.

Agriculture & Mining

es of miners and primary producers operating in some of the harshest environments in Australia, you need a bag that

Industrial & Joinery

If the product is worth the time to manufacture, then it’s worth protecting.

Health & Medical

Upac offers a range of tapes designed to suit a wide range of specialist applications. In order to ensure your

Food & Bakery Packaging

DURAPLAS quality food safe LDPE bags help keep your produce fresher for longer and reduces food waste.

Food Processing

Made from food safe, virgin plastic, DURAPLAS bags are perfect for keeping your pre-prepared, cut, peeled or diced fruit and