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Food safe

DURAPLAS stands out in the market as the most reliable and highest-quality food-grade plastic bags. Our products are designed to ensure the safe handling, protection, and containment of foods, industrial products, and manufactured components.

DURAPLAS bags are widely recognised for their recyclability, reusability, and food safety, making them the top choice across Australia and New Zealand.

Extensive Range for Every Application

The DURAPLAS range of plastic bags is the most extensive in Australasia. From the smallest resealable bags to the largest plain bags used for bulk waste containment or furniture protection, there is a plastic bag suitable for every application.

Safety and Sustainability

DURAPLAS LDPE and HDPE polythene bags are made using only virgin food-safe material. They do not contain bisphenol A (BPA), phthalates, or epoxidised soybean oil (ESBO) and are fully recyclable by approved plastic bag recycling methods.

DURAPLAS plastic bags are also manufactured to meet high food safety standards and carry the HACCP certification mark, ensuring fitness for purpose for manufacturers governed by a HACCP program.

colour swatche cards being caompared to the logo on a custom printed plastic bag


At UPAC, we understand that every business has unique requirements. That is why all our plastic bags can be fully customised. Choose the bag material, thickness, strength, size, style, artwork design, and print that best suits your needs.

Wicketed, punched, non-slip, gusseted, resealable, tamper-evident, printed, and write-on panel options are all available.

Environmental Responsibility

DURAPLAS Plastic Bags are 100% recyclable. Printed Duraplas bags feature clear recycling symbols that help customers make responsible recycling and reuse decisions.

These symbols are easily recognisable and provide consumers with the necessary information to reduce the chances of the bags ending up in landfills.

Your Trusted Choice for
Quality Plastic Bags.

Thinner yet stronger – addressing the Need to Reduce Soft Plastic

In a world where sustainability is paramount, UPAC is thrilled to unveil a pioneering product that aligns with your plastic reduction and reuse objectives and maintains the high-performance standards you’ve come to expect from UPAC’s range of plastic bags.

Say hello to DURAPLAS Green, an innovative solution that offers increased strength and reduces plastic waste in plastic bags.

Plastic Bags

Compostable bags are designed to break down into natural components, such as water, carbon dioxide, and organic matter, under specific conditions.

Recycled content

In the dynamic landscape of sustainable solutions, DURAPLAS GREEN, with recycled content, emerges as a flagship brand within UPAC, a company passionately committed to innovation and environmental responsibility.

Leading the charge in reshaping the plastic bag industry, DURAPLAS GREEN is at the forefront of Australia’s 2025 National Packaging targets, striving to infuse over 75% recycled content into its revolutionary plastic bag range for use in both food and non-food contact applications.

This bold initiative reflects DURAPLAS GREEN’s dedication to environmental stewardship and envisions a greener future for plastic bags. Introducing clear and coloured LDPE blend material into plastic bags underscores our versatility and determination to provide eco-conscious solutions without compromising quality or functionality.


The Polarwrap stretch film range represents the pinnacle of packaging technology, offering unparalleled performance for specialised applications. These top-of-the-line pallet wrap films provide superior strength and durability, ensuring optimal product protection during transit and storage.

One key advantage of Polarwrap stretch films is their ability to deliver substantial cost savings while maintaining high-quality packaging standards. By optimising material usage and minimising plastic consumption, Polarwrap helps businesses streamline their packaging processes without compromising performance or reliability.

Designed for easy use, Polarwrap stretch films streamline pallet and bundle wrapping processes while reducing the risk of damage to your product. By prioritising sustainability, Polarwrap contributes to a greener approach to packaging solutions.

Choose UPAC for reliable, high-quality plastic bags and packaging, prioritising safety, sustainability, and customisation.

Join us in our commitment to quality and environmental responsibility.


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