Custom Printed Bags for Food Manufacturers


UPAC offers world-class facilities and Australian manufacturing to extrude, and print based on specific technical needs, efficiencies, and food safety standards with over 40 years of experience in custom bag manufacture in Australia. The DURAPLAS range of LDPE polythene bags are manufactured to meet the highest standard of food safety. As DURAPLAS bags have contact with food, UPAC HACCP accreditation offers you the assurance the bags are food safe. Made from virgin food-grade plastic, they can increase the shelf life of baked or frozen products by regulating moisture and airflow around the food.

WE TAKE PRIDE in providing innovative packaging solutions... Along with your team, UPAC will work hand in hand to bring any packaging vision to life. We believe that no option is impossible. Whether it be thickness, length, punching, wickets, and Gravure CMYK print, whatever obstacles you may face, UPAC will be there with a solution.

At UPAC, we conduct comprehensive quality checks to ensure that no detail or specification is overlooked, giving your team peace of mind throughout the entire project. UPAC offers Food manufacturers a selection of choices from both low-density polyethylene (LDPE) and polypropylene (PP) bags to suit their application. DURAPLAS food-safe bags are made from Virgin food-safe material and contain no bisphenol A (BPA), phthalates, or epoxidised soybean oil (ESBO).

Custom bag options for food manufacturers


Side, or bottom 


A selection of low-density polyethylene (LDPE) compositions


Unique hole punching for effective air release


4,5,6,7,8” Wire wickets, crimped headers, wicket fail points side seam slit stoppers

Material Colours

Any bag material can be tinted or fully opaque coloured using formulated master batch to compliment your brand

Material types

Comprising of mono-layer food grade LLDPE, Co-extrusion, Virgin HDPE


From 1 to 12 colour Flexographic print, or up to full 8 colour gravure CMYK

Sequential Numbering

Best-before dates, codes, and digital sequential numbering for traceability and food standards records make Ice production swift and effective

Certified Bags

UPAC is a company that specializes in providing food-safe solutions for the food and beverage industry. Their bread bags are certified safe for food contact and are produced and stored in facilities that have implemented a HACCP plan and are audited regularly to ensure compliance with food safety regulations. This rigorous certification process and strict adherence to food safety guidelines ensure that UPAC’s bread bags meet strict safety standards. Customers can trust that their products are safe for food storage and transportation.

Wire Wickets

Wire wickets and coloured grommets are important components in the food industry, and their high quality is essential for maintaining food safety. Designed specifically for food safe environments, these components are manufactured with high quality materials and attention to detail to ensure they are safe for use with food products. The coloured grommets also help prevent cross-contamination and enhance food safety practices, making them an essential part of any bread bagging environment.

Loaf Loading

Efficient loaf loading is critical to the success of a bakery operation. Through many years of development and testing Upac have increased loaf loading efficiencies, elimination of tail-ends, reduced waste, and improved overall productivity. By identifying and addressing these strategic challenges Upac have helped bakeries streamline their operations and ensure their success in a high speed, highly competitive industry.

Safe Practices

UPAC’s commitment to food safety extends beyond their own products and services, as they recognize the importance of maintaining safe practices throughout the entire food industry. Their products, which include food-safe solutions such as bread bags, wire wickets, and coloured grommets, are used by a variety of businesses and industries involved in food production and handling. By providing high-quality, food-safe solutions, UPAC is helping to ensure the safety and integrity of the food products that millions of people consµme each day.

Duraplas Custom Printed Bags for Food Manufacturers

Printed Bag Configurator

DUROPLAS plastic bags can be fully customised to your exact requirements, with a range of options, including plastic bag material, thickness, strength, size, style, artwork design, and print.

We offer a variety of features to choose from, including wicketed, punched, non-slip, gusseted, resealable, tamper-evident, printed, and write-on panel options.

To get started, fill out our quote request form, and we’ll respond promptly with a personalised quote tailored to your needs.


Smart Inventory Efficiency System

Safeguard your inventory.

Enabling Australian Manufacturers to GROW Through Managed Inventory.

With the inventory management program, VENDURA, UPAC manages the complete supply, packaging, and warehousing for an ongoing supply of your printed bags in HACCP-accredited facilities. Ensuring you never run out or be forced to sacrifice floor space for the stock of bulk packaging.

How it works

The VENDURA system takes the pressure off your space, your cash flow, and your team.

UPAC & The Environment

DURAPLAS bags feature clear recycling symbols that help customers make responsible recycling decisions. These symbols are easily recognizable and provide consumers with the necessary information to reduce the chances of the bags ending up in landfills.

If you are a food manufacturer with a HACCP Food Safety Program, we can offer you approved plastic bag options to help you comply with the system guidelines.

Our DURAPLAS bags are packaged hygienically to prevent contamination and meet HACCP standards. Additionally, we can customise the bags to your preferred print, thickness, and dimensions upon request.

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