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At Upac, we champion innovation, reliability, and sustainability in packaging solutions for businesses across Australia. Our reputation as a leading supplier has developed through many years of providing packaging to various industries, notably the food manufacturing and ice industries.

Our team works hard to find the right solution for every client, from managing production issues to designing solutions for unusually sized products. We collaborate closely with clients to provide a seamless supply of complete packaging solutions.

We proudly distribute DURAPLAS, high-quality, food-safe LDPE. The DURAPLAS range of LDPE polythene bags is trusted for its reliability and high quality, ensuring safe handling, protection, and containment of foods. We prioritise food safety, with bags manufactured in compliance with Food grade standards.

Upac is committed to environmental sustainability, and all DURAPLAS bags are 100% recyclable. Each bag features easily recognisable recycling symbols to encourage reuse and recycling. 

Upac recognises the vital role that packaging such as plastic bags plays in businesses and ensures every client has a consistent supply. Upac can offer complete inventory management and timely delivery. We securely store your custom packaging products in our HACCP-accredited warehouse and dispatch on demand. Upac coordinates the whole process, including design, manufacture, warehousing, and dispatch.

We custom manufacture bags of any size, thickness, seal type or style, and branding. DURAPLAS bags are custom branded using high-quality, cost-effective, flexographic and Gravure printing that delivers exceptionally clear prints.

Upac offers more than packaging solutions –  we ensure your product reaches the customer in the best possible condition. Contact our expert design team today for complimentary expert advice and support.

Contact our expert design team today for complimentary expert advice and support.


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