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Upac has been proud to support the healthcare industry with a range of products including presseal poly bags, specimen bags and biohazard medical waste bags.

We understand the unique needs of the healthcare industry when it comes to plastic bags. From protection against pathogens, to the vital handling, labelling and security requirements to ensure compliance. These bags offer the strength and integrity required to secure biological samples or provide a hygienic way to protect mobile phones and other devices. The high clarity of each bag offers full visibility. In these situations, it’s vital to have a plastic bag that won’t fail – with the potential consequences of splits or tears being quite serious. 

The DURAPLAS range is HACCP certified and has been used by the Australian Government and many industry leaders. Upac is pleased to have a large range of DURAPLAS presseal bags in stock, and offers industry leading fulfilment and delivery speed. Made from virgin food grade plastic and packaged in convenient packs of 100 within a carton of 1000 bags for easy distribution and hygiene. The heavy duty range allow for packaging of heavy items, components and sharp objects.

With the largest range of DURAPLAS presseal bags in Australia, UPAC have bags to suit a wide range of applications in the industrial and commercial business sector. Made from Low Density Polyethylene, DURAPLAS presseal bags have a long standing reputation for extra strength and clarity with a guaranteed seal.

Preseal poly bags designed to provide contamination protection for mobile phones, iPads and other devices whilst in use by Covid-19 positive patients. Also recommended for the temporary containment of used masks when a sealed bin isn’t immediately available.

Biohazard bags designed to safety contain any accidental leakage or spill to prevent infection or cross contamination. We supply the Duraplas range of Bio-hazard bags to hospitals, healthcare clinics, medical centres, dentists, veterinary clinics, and pathologies to help safety handle their clinical waste. These bags are specifically designed to be heavy duty to avoid leaks, rips and tears and protect staff. Our bags feature markings as required by law to readily identify that these are not to be placed into domestic waste collection.

Specimen bags with zip/press seal closure, biohazard logo and customisable client logo printing. These include a pouch for documentation. Our Specimen Bag is the best secondary containment in the industry. Specimen Bags are available as stock items in different sizes. Specimen bags are easy to load, safer to dispense, packed in convenient dispenser packs and competitively priced. Duraplas Specimen bags can be custom printed with your logo.

Standard garbage bags are unsuitable for medical waste, and it is against the law to use them, given that they can easily leak or cause injury to those handling them. Contact us today if you need medical grade plastic bags that provide safe handling and waste disposal without harming the environment. We can also discuss environmentally friendly options where suitable. 

From custom sizes to custom printing, UPAC offers complete customisation of the seal type, size, material, colour, printing and more. 

No customisation request is too big or small, so chat to our friendly team for a free sample today!

Health & Medical

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