The Duraplas commercial bin liner bags are an effective design and correct dust extraction technology is critical to achieving ongoing high performance, ongoing low maintenance costs and safety for workshop and joinery operators and employees


Upac have researched and developed the most extensive range of DURAPLAS dust extraction bags, relieving your team and visitors of the harmful MDF and particle board dust membranes that would have previously entered the air around your workplace.

Containing dust, adhesives, stone and other dangerous fine particles from human inhalation is critical in your business, the contracted waste collectors and waste handling organisations.

Extraction is a vital component in any workplace, as it protects both people and property from the harmful effects of exposure to wood dust. Wood dust is released when you’re cutting, drilling or sanding wood. Wood dust can be harmful when breathed in because it may contains hazardous chemicals, irritate the lungs or cause other health problems. Proper dust extraction minimises the amount of dust in the air, and generally reduces the amount of saw dust in the work environment.

These Heavy duty Dust Extractor bags can also be used for:

  • Food Waste
  • Recycling
  • Reducing Odours and Contamination in Public Bins.

DURAPLAS bags may be suitable for use in the powder coating process. Sandblasting is the first stage of the powder coating process – which etches the surface of metal before applying the layer of spray on powder. During the sandblasting process, fine sand is sprayed through a high pressure hose to prepare the metal’s surface for the powder.

Sandblasting can be hazardous to workers, as it releases a large volume of dust that can contain toxic or otherwise harmful particles. For this reason, sandblasting operations require a dust collection system. This ensures that any dust generated is efficiently captured and removed from the working environment.

Contact us to learn more about the DURAPLAS dust extractor and bin liner bag range and find out which bags best suit your particular dust type.

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