The DURAPLAS range of HDPE bags are a food safe solution for carton liners, waste bin bags and can be found being used by the food and manufacturing industries across Australia


HDPE Bags are a high density polythene bag used for liners and freezer applications. HDPE bags are resistant to water, chemicals and heat. These bags have an amazing ability to hold large volumes of weight without breaking. The DURAPLAS range are quality guaranteed and have been in use for over 45 years in Australia.

Ideal for:

  • Carton Liners
  • Food Packaging
  • Waste Bin Liners

Available in a variety of thickness and dimensions to suit your application with custom sizing available on request.

1000 Bags /Carton unless otherwise stated.

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$35.81$1,065.22 +GST

$58.31 +GST
$35.81 +GST
$57.39 +GST
$363.70 +GST
$1,065.22 +GST
$270.74 +GST
$573.46 +GST
$741.27 +GST
$866.20 +GST
$383.37 +GST
$113.36 +GST
Buy 10 for $67.75 each and save 40%.
$229.15 +GST
Buy 5 for $138.75 each and save 39%.
$162.05 +GST
$956.89 +GST
$513.63 +GST
$303.59 +GST
Buy 10 for $256.67 each and save 15%.
$139.45 +GST
$301.73 +GST
$55.80 +GST
$298.19 +GST
$238.43 +GST
$133.99 +GST
$74.79 +GST
$180.63 +GST
$134.97 +GST


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