Honeycomb Board, Cardboard Sheeting

Manufactured here in our dedicated facilities, this Structural and Crate Packaging HC Board is strong, has rigidity, amazing impact protection, all while being super light and easily cut to shape.


Corrugated Wrapping cardboard for surface protection also available, along with pallet Pads, and our specially formulated adhesive topped cardboard pallet runners for fast and simple crating/pallet formation.

Honey Comb Board. A rigid cell board with tough outer cardboard faces provides excellent structure for custom sizes and on demand packaging and crating of fragile furniture, ornaments, art and fine product prone to damage in transit. Its lightweight properties make the honeycomb cardboard a cost-efficient option to ship and transport. As a packaging material, it offers highly-effective impact protection..

Corrugated Pallet pads for damage protection on pallet bases and product layering or separating.

$2.06$4.83 +GST

$4.83 +GST
Buy 100 for $4.35 each and save 10%.
$2.06 +GST
Buy 500 for $1.85 each and save 10%.


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