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Upac offers a range of specialty packaging tapes to suit all applications. Whether you are packaging cartons in a refrigerated environment, or need strong grip on recycled cardboard – Upac has the right tape for you. Customisation and branding options available.


In order to ensure your cartons remain tightly sealed, it’s important to select the right adhesive tape for the job. Factors to consider include the material of the carton being sealed, the ambient temperature, and the level of bond required. Those factors determine whether rubber or water based acrylic adhesive is right for you.

  • Denva is a premium grade, acrylic PP packaging tape. The extra strong adhesive lasts for years without yellowing or drying up. Denva is the perfect solution for long term storage, outdoor storage and exposure to sunlight.
  • Texus is an aggressive rubber based adhesive PP packaging tape. More commonly chosen for use on used or recycled cardboard cartons, and for sealing dusty cartons. Texus has strong initial grab and adhesion.
  • E-Tape Gold is our premium rubber based 150m E-tape. A premium system with ultimate adhesion, less wastage, efficiency gains and utilises the ergonomic E-tape dispenser.
  • Printed tape can create very powerful and cost effective branding or messaging so you never miss an opportunity to advertise.
  • Take up the Upac design using Clear back to brand any parcel, or pallet, or crate.
  • Common sizes available:

    36,48,76,100, 150, 200mm wide x 66m rolls

  • MOQ 1 carton
  • Print: options of 1, 2, or 3 col print
  • Design and plate set up approx. $300
  • Lead time for new prints approx. 2 weeks

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