With the largest range of DURAPLAS PRESSEAL BAGS in Australia, UPAC have bags to suit a wide range of applications in the industrial and commercial business sector.

STANDARD 40um (WHITE line)  |  PREMIUM 50um (RED line)  |  HEAVY DUTY 75um (BLUE line)  |  WRITE-ON PANEL (GREEN line)


Made from Low Density Polyethene, DURAPLAS Presseal bags have a long standing reputation for extra strength and clarity with a guaranteed seal.

Made from virgin food grade plastic and packaged in convenient packs of 100 within a carton of 1000 bags for easy distribution and hygiene. The Heavy duty range allow for packaging of heavy items, components and sharp objects.

Available in a variety of thickness and dimensions to suit your application with custom sizing and printing available on request. MOQs apply.

STANDARD 40um (WHITE line above the zipper); PREMIUM 50um (RED line above the zipper); HEAVY DUTY 75um (BLUE line above the zipper);

WRITE-ON PANEL (GREEN line above the zipper)



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