10 Reasons Why You Need a Bag Expert


Choosing the right plastic bag is easy when you have an expert to guide you through the myriad of choices. From the type of plastic to the accreditation of the supplier, the choices you make can affect your product. Our team of experts know which questions to ask to ensure you get the right bag for your application.

  1. Choosing the right plastic: From polythene, HDPE, LDPE, PET and Polypropylene there’s a range of options available. The choice depends on how the bags will be used and what special attributes are required. Polythene Bags feature strong bottom closed seals and are commonly used for packaging fasteners, foods, manufactured product, and painted products. HDPE bags are food safe bags typically used as carton liners, waste bin bags and can be found being used by the food and manufacturing industries across Australia. LDPE (Low Density Polyethene) bags have a long standing reputation for extra strength and clarity. Ideal for: product packaging. surface protection, dust and weather protection, dust extraction containment, furniture protection, waste. Polypropylene bags provide a stronger seal and more transparent/clear appearance than Polythene bags. PET is used for oven and pie warner applications, has a higher melting point, is free from dangerous toxins, and safe when being heated for pies and sausage rolls for example.
  2. Choosing the right seal: The type of seal chosen can determine whether the bag is air tight, reusable or even how your able to integrate it onto a production line. The choices include self seal, to press seal, heat seal and wicketed for bakeries.
  3. Supplier compliance: You need to ensure that you comply with your suppliers policies around environmental compliance. For example, many suppliers will no longer accept bags with oxo-degradable additives as they cause the plastics to break down into microplastics/smaller fragments which are harmful to the environment.
  4. Legislative compliance: Ensuring your plastic bag is recyclable or compostable is an environmentally conscious and socially responsible decision. It’s also in line with legislation banning the use of single use plastics. The Single-use and Other Plastic Products (Waste Avoidance) Act 2020 (the Act) is due to commence in South Australia in March, with other Australian States and Territories and New Zealand expected to ban the use of oxo-degradable plastics starting with the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) from July 2022).
  5. HACPP approved supplier: Consumer safety is a primary consideration for both the food manufacturing and pharmaceutical industries. HACCP accreditation is a highly recognised certification that offers assurance that non-food products, such as Duraplas plastic bags, are safe for use in the production process. Manufacturers need confidence in their entire supply chain to protect their reputation. Customers can be assured that by choosing a HACCP accredited supplier, that the non-food products that form part of the manufacturing process are safe from a variety of hazards.
  6. Fresher produce: The right choice of bag can make a big difference to the quality and freshness of product your customer receives. Made from food safe, virgin plastic, DURAPLAS bags are perfect for keeping your produce fresher for longer. LDPE is ideal for pre-prepared and frozen foods.
  7. Free from BPA: Consumers are conscious of the chemicals they may be exposed to in food and drink packaging are prefer BPA free packaging. DURAPLAS LDPE bags are made from virgin food safe material and are free from bisphenol A (BPA), phthalates and epoxidised soybean oil (ESBO) for example.
  8. Advice on Recycling: DURAPLAS promotes recycling and feature easy to recognise recycling symbols printed on all bags to help customers recycle them responsibly. The symbols are designed to be easily recognisable. The logos provide customers with all the information they need to make the right recycling choice. The symbol helps reduces the chance that DURAPLAS bags will end up in landfill. The bags are recycled through the REDcycle program are completely removed from the waste system. There is no chance of the bags entering the environment. The bags become agricultural products, council garbage bins, outdoor benches and play equipment, wheel stops, and even road base.
  9. Reliable supply: Upac can manufacture, warehouse, and ship your bags when you need them. Upac guarantees a reliable supply and takes the stress out of inventory management. You can even pre-order and know that your bags can be shipped to you anywhere in Australia on demand.
  10. Experience: Upac has decades of experience and have maintained great working relationships with over 90 of our top tier clients partnering with Upac for more than seven years which is testament to great working relationships. Our team works hard to find the right solution for every client, from managing production issues to designing solutions for unusually sized products.
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