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That mouth-watering, yeasty, savory-sweet aroma of fresh-baked bread… there’s simply nothing like it. It’s enough to start any stomach growling! For bakers, this is an everyday pleasure —the smell wafting throughout the bakery as the piping hot bread is pulled out from the oven. Yet, bakers are hit with a problem: how do you deliver that delicious, fresh-baked experience to customers? Popping the hot baked bread into standard plastic bags can cause unwanted flavors and aromas to seep into the bread. When taste is affected, so is customer response.

To meet their customers’ growing demand, Baalbek Bakery, in Sydney, needed to find a way to ship their bread straight from the oven without compromising taste, aroma, or quality. After researching their options, the decision became clear: UPAC high-quality, premium-grade plastic bags. UPAC’s premium printed aren’t affected by the heat or steam from hot baked goods and thus don’t emit odours or chemicals like other sub-par plastic bags. They are strong enough to protect the bread’s freshness all the way from the oven to the customer’s kitchen table.

Retaining the high-quality taste that Baalbek is known for was one of the biggest deciding factors when choosing their plastic bag supplier. Sourcing superior ingredients is integral to success — but so is sourcing the best packaging products to consistently deliver those mouth-watering baked goods. Choosing high-quality plastic bags, such as that which UPAC supplies, ensures that your breads retain the freshness that keeps your customers happy and hungry for more.

To improve the taste of and respect for your quality bread, call Upac on 1300766907 and speak to one of our printed bread bag specialists. We can offer you a whole range of packing solutions including

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