UPAC’s Genuine GJ Wheeler Dust Extractor Collection Bags


In the world of woodworking and joineries, dust management isn’t just a matter of convenience; it’s a crucial aspect of safety and efficiency.

The GJ Wheeler Legacy: Quality that Endures

For years, GJ Wheeler was a trusted name among woodworkers and joineries. Their dust extractor collection bags were known for their durability, quality, and the peace of mind they brought to professionals who valued cleanliness and safety. However, times change, and companies close, leaving behind a legacy and a void in the market. When GJ Wheeler ceased operations, many loyal customers found themselves searching for a reliable replacement that could match the original’s quality and performance.

With GJ Wheeler’s departure, a wave of imitation products flooded the market, promising similar results at a fraction of the cost. However, as many discovered the hard way, these imitations often fell short of expectations. The wrong size, poor construction, and lack of durability led to numerous complications during installation, dust removal, and handling of heavy dust-filled bags.


Understanding the challenges faced by woodworkers and joineries in finding reliable dust management solutions, UPAC took a bold step. Recognizing the importance of maintaining the high standards set by GJ Wheeler, UPAC began producing and supplying genuine specification GJ Wheeler dust extractor collection bags.

Perfect Fit and Length: One of the primary reasons why UPAC’s genuine GJ Wheeler dust extractor bags stand out is their precise size and length. The bags are designed to seamlessly fit the existing equipment, ensuring hassle-free installation and removal.

Upholding Quality in Changing Times

The closure of GJ Wheeler may have left a void in the market, but UPAC has risen to the occasion. By producing and supplying genuine GJ Wheeler dust extractor collection bags for joineries, UPAC ensures that woodworkers and professionals can continue to rely on high-quality, efficient, and safe dust management solutions. The importance of genuine products in this industry cannot be overstated—precision, durability, and performance are paramount. With UPAC’s commitment to quality, the legacy of GJ Wheeler lives on, safeguarding the cleanliness, safety, and productivity of woodworking and joinery environments.


DURAPLAS Dust Extractor Bag

Size: 870 x 1500mm

Guage: 150um

Pack Qty: 50

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