Locker Eviction Bags


Upac has decades of experience working with clients on customised plastic bags to suit their applications. Our client reached out to us requiring a bag that could be used to store personal belongings from a locker eviction. The same bag could also be used in schools, gyms, transport interchange stations, hospitals, nursing homes or any other situation where you may need to store personal belongings after they’re removed from cupboards or lockers.

Personal belongings left behind by an employee or customer can be an inconvenience or at worst, can expose you to liability. Whether it’s an ex-employee or a forgetful gym member, it’s important to clear any personal items from lockers/desks/drawers and return them to their owner.

Safety and security are primary considerations when selecting a locker eviction bag. A clear bag allows for easy identification of contents. However, in circumstances where privacy is paramount a tinted or black bag is recommended. Custom print satchel bags could also be used for smaller personal belongings. A strong seal provides security to protect the contents from theft or tampering. Remember that you may be liable for any loss or damage. The faster goods can be secured the better. Removing personal belongings also frees up valuable storage space/locker space.

Upac suggests choosing a heavy duty bag for this application to reduce the risk of accidental puncture, or loss of personal belongings from the bag during transit.

Custom print options include logos, an area for name, locker numbers, dates and signatures for security or chain of custody purposes. The choice of flexographic printing process offers a high quality print result, with low production costs. Low VOC inks can also be used to improve the environmental sustainability of the bags. DURAPLAS  bags are 100% recyclable.

Upac offers a range of a DURAPLAS low density polyethylene (LDPE) bags. Each bag can be customised to suit the size required and can be custom printed. There are a number of seal options – including press seal and self seal.

Looking for a more customisable bag? We custom manufacture bags of any size, thickness or style. Please contact sales@upac.com.au for expert support and advice.

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