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Australian Bridge Products takes the quality of their product seriously and needed bags to match. The company has over 20 years of experience as a leading local compounds and epoxy kits manufacturer for civil and bridge repair construction products. The team approached UPAC for a custom bag design when they realised they were missing the opportunity to showcase their brand on the special sands in their epoxy kits.

Before choosing UPAC, Australian Bridge Products supplied their products in plain poly woven bags or paper sacks. The company wanted new bags that would include their new brand image and ensure their new labelling on the sands matched the epoxy kits.  Upac took time to understand the Australian Bridge Products business and the range of products that required specialist packaging. The result was a custom-branded design from Upac that featured a see-through window in the packaging. The new bags provided stand-out branding for manufacturers—a custom bag designed to showcase the PNS brand in their epoxy kits on the Part C bag.

Each custom bag also features the DURAPLAS recycling symbols. Each bag is fully recyclable through government-approved recycling programs, transforming DURAPLAS bags and other soft plastics into a wide range of new products. Some include outdoor benches and play equipment, bins and even road bases. The handy symbols make it even easier for consumers to reuse and recycle.

Additionally, UPAC has partnered with the company to reduce the stress of supply chain management – and ships their custom printed bags right when they need them. This means they can reduce the amount of stock required on hand, yet increase the certainty of supply.

Australian Bridge Products lead times are unrivalled and they commit to manufacturing locally so this was an important consideration.

The new bags are cost-effective, are strong enough to contain the weight of the special sands, and the branding makes a great first impression. UPAC is passionate about creating stand-out branding for manufacturers

UPAC offers no obligation, fee-free consultation on all your packaging needs. Whether your business is industrial or consumer-focused, if you’re a custom manufacturer or a primary producer – if you need to bag it, we can help! Our services go beyond design, we can provide packaging solutions that protect your goods from the point of manufacture to delivery. We work with clients every day to reduce the costs of damages caused to your goods – and showcase your brand at the same time.

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