The Importance of HACCP Approved Plastic Bags


Consumer safety is a primary consideration for both the food manufacturing and pharmaceutical industries. HACCP accreditation is a highly recognised certification that offers assurance that non-food products, such as Duraplas plastic bags, are safe for use in the production process.

Manufacturers need confidence in their entire supply chain in order to protect their reputation. Customers can be assured that by choosing a HACCP accredited supplier, that the non-food products that form part of the manufacturing process are safe from a variety of hazards. This accreditation means that the supplier has adhered to the same, rigorous safety standards as the manufacturer. This enables them to focus on operations knowing that the plastic bags used in production are safe for the product and customers.

Duraplas plastic bags are manufactured to meet a high standard of food safety and carry the HACCP certification mark identifying to demonstrate ‘fitness for purpose’ for manufacturers governed by a HACCP program.

As Duraplas bags may have contact with food, or have a significant impact on food or pharmaceutical safety in their application, the HACCP accreditation scheme offers buyers assurance that they do not pose a risk to food safety.

DURAPLAS bags are food safe and made from Virgin food safe material. They don’t contain bisphenol A (BPA), phthalates or epoxidised soybean oil (ESBO) which may be found in polycarbonate food containers and PVC based drink bottles for example.

Upac are pleased to announce that we have received HACCP accreditation after a rigorous assessment process. This is just part of our commitment to ensuring that customers receive the right bag for their product.

The HACCP accreditation process included multiple stages, along with product and site inspections. The auditors review the design, manufacture, materials, instructions, delivery, storage, accuracy, labelling, food safety claims and any other relevant safety matters.

Upac offers a range of industry leading plastic bags to help protect your products and provided added reassurance. Whether you need to store pharmaceuticals, bread, or preprepared vegetables, Upac has a number of both low density polyethylene (LDPE) and polypropylene (PP) bags to suit your application.

The Duraplas range of LDPE polythene bags are recognised for having the most reliable and highest quality bags that ensure the safe handling, protection and containment of foods, Industrial product and manufactured componentry. With a strong bottom closed seal for packaging fasteners, foods, manufactured product, painted products and more, the Duraplas range are quality guaranteed and have been in use for over 30 years in Australia.

If you’re a manufacturer with a HACCP Food Safety Programme – contact us today to discuss approved plastic bag options to ensure you remain compliant with all of the system guidelines.

For a copy of our HACCP accreditation Certificate – please click here to download the HACCP Accreditation Certificate.

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