Bio-degradable, can be heat sealed, microwaved, frozen. Cellophane bags are great for lollies, chocolates, takeaway food eg hot dogs & souvlakis, soaps, candles, hard cheeses, tea & coffee, photos and cards etc.


Cellophane is made from cellulose, a naturally occurring product and is biodegradable. Due to it’s environmentally friendly properties it is often favoured over other man made plastics. Cellophane Bags can be :

  • heat sealed
  • microwaved
  • frozen 

The following stock sizes are typically available ‘off the shelf’ in cartons of 1,000 bags.

  • Heat sealable on both sides  
  • Excellent barrier to water vapour, gas and aromas
  • Anti static 
  • Resistant to oils and greases
  • Both sides of the film are equally receptive to inks and adhesives and tear tapes 
  • Excellent dead fold characteristics 
  • High gloss and transparency 
  • Biodegradable base fil

Packaging of snack foods, biscuits, dried fruit, spices, hard cheeses, tea, coffee and any other hygroscopic foods, confectionery, fruited cakes, high-fat content products (eg shortbread), ice cream, health bars, pasta and any other product that doesn’t need to lose moisture or gases during storage. Bags also suitable for wrapping soaps, candles, DIY goods, textiles and gifts.


$50.40$373.20 +GST

$50.40 +GST
$59.40 +GST
$69.80 +GST
$69.80 +GST
$77.00 +GST
$86.20 +GST
$91.80 +GST
$89.40 +GST
$97.80 +GST
$109.60 +GST
$118.80 +GST
$118.80 +GST
$132.00 +GST
$147.60 +GST
$170.60 +GST
$184.00 +GST
$193.20 +GST
$80.40 +GST
$87.60 +GST
$97.80 +GST
$103.80 +GST
$117.40 +GST
$130.80 +GST
$146.80 +GST
$151.00 +GST
$157.40 +GST
$170.80 +GST
$181.00 +GST
$231.20 +GST
$149.80 +GST
$259.20 +GST
$373.20 +GST


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